Header and Layout Orders

Hello peeps!

As you can see and read from my sidebar, I'm taking header orders now :) It's just a part-time thingy I'm doing while I still have a months and a half semester break left. I think it's such a looooong and agonizing duration eventhough I am not looking forward for my third semester. 

Apart from that, mom also wanted me to take sewing class. Ohemgees, am excited with the idea but can't really imagine myself sitting at the sewing machine finishing 'baju raya orders' from people -___-"

Speaking of Raya, I still ain't done with my Raya shopping :D We've been very busy and haven't found the time to go shopping yet. But that's not really a problem coz Raya is a month from now so there's a lot of time left to think of new clothes. The problem now is, I am not really happy with my current condition. I am moneyless and bored. I need a life T.T

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